They Hear Noise on the Trampoline – What Pops Up Has Them Running for a Camera

Dogs are one of the best creatures in the world. They can bring a lot of joy and happiness into a person’s life. These loyal four-legged companions always stay by your side. It doesn’t matter to them if you are going through a good time or a bad one; they will always be there to support you. Dogs are also known for their exuberant attitude. They are very entertaining and they can amuse you without really trying. It comes as no surprise that they are a hit on the internet.

You can never tell when or where dogs will crack you up. They can turn even the most mundane thing to something really hilarious. Just take for example, this adorable dog featured in the video below! This Great Dane has just discovered a trampoline, and in this clip, he shows us the joy of jumping on one. He came across a big trampoline in his backyard and he finally figured out what it was for. So he decided to have some fun.

Dogs are playful animals, but this pup takes it to another level. A passerby was walking by the dog’s fence when he had the chance to witness something truly precious. He stood outside while the pooch jumped on the trampoline inside and popped above the fence to greet him.

Great Danes are some of the biggest breeds on the planet, but looks like this particular one found an even better way to glance across fences! Watch the funny video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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