Kids Trick Dog During Hide-and-Seek but Dog’s Trick is Even Funnier

It’s no hidden fact that our dogs bring pure joy to us with their warm greetings every time you enter your home and their funny gestures. It’s the same for this little doggy’s family as well. They love him unconditionally and include him in every activity. Given that, the kids of the family decided to play hide and seek with them and also record it.

They just wanted to capture the blissful moment of the pet and kids playing together, but they ended up capturing something much funnier than that. This is one of those videos that people love because it’s just so wholesome.


During the game, the kids decide to hide under an inflatable paddling pool and let the dog find them. The dog was smart enough and found his favorite little humans very quickly. The kids were far away in the garden, so the dog runs towards them and is so excited to catch them that he forces himself under the pool.

It is after that when the lively event takes place leaving you snorting. This video is so silly that it can brighten up anyone’s worst day! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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