Marine Gets the Biggest Welcome From German Shepherd. Precious Moment Captured Right on Time

Having a pet in the house can be one of the best experiences ever. Of course, they are an added responsibility on your back that you need to look after. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Pets serve as great examples and lessons about compassion and responsibility to kids. Dogs are like children themselves. They just refuse grow up! No matter how big they get, they will always be happy about welcoming you home after work.

But the dog in the following video was even more excited than usual for a special reason. This German Shepherd’s dad had been away for work in the military. He had not been home in a really long time, and Sophie the German Shepherd had missed him sorely. Of course, she had been a very good dog while he was away, but she still wanted to see him. And her wishes came true when he surprised her with a visit home! Sophie was completely over the moon with happiness.

She seemed to have already sensed that he was home when mom said she had a big surprise for her. She rushed to the door and instantly caught the scent of her beloved dad. As soon as he came through the doors, she didn’t waste any time jumping into his arms. Sophie had a huge case of the zoomies, and couldn’t sit still because of the excitement surging through her. The soldier must also have been really happy to get such a grand welcome home!

Check out the full video below:

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