K9 Saved Soldier’s Life Uncountable Times, Watch How They Thank This Incredible Dog

The following video is not only amazing, but it is very inspirational as well. German Shepherd Navy Seal dog, Chopper, and his human, Navy Seal Trevor Maroshek have managed to win over countless hearts with their story. After the 9/11 attacks, Maroshek decided to enlist in the military. There, he was partnered up with Chopper. The pup saved his life more than a few times. And now, he is helping him recover from physical, as well as mental scars from his time in the military.

Chopper and Maroshek bonded and became the best of friends. They were both great at their jobs. The pooch saved Maroshek’s life several times, but he also managed to save other service members from IEDs and ambushes from the Taliban while fighting alongside them in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Maroshek runs the Seal Dog Foundation, an organization that helps wounded veterans and service members obtain service dogs and emotional support dogs.

Out military brothers and sisters have a hard job, and so do the K9s involved in the field. Navy Seal dogs are trained in five areas of expertise: explosive detection, tracking search & rescue, laser target acquisition, sixth sense training, and bite work. Chopper is an expert in all of them, but thankfully, he can now relax and experience life as a normal pup alongside his best friend, Maroshek.

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