You Only Need 2 Household Items To Make This Beautiful DIY Christmas Snowflake Decor!

You can’t visit any store this time of year without being bombarded by Christmas decorations. Although it’s tempting to buy these decor items for your home, it can run a bit expensive. Not to mention, these articles have no other function, other than being beautiful to look at. However, if you want a little Christmas spirit in your home, why not make your decor pieces.

The DIY snowflakes in this video are an excellent craft to do for the festive season. It’s easy and only requires things you already might have! Further, these snowflakes look classy, and you can take it apart after the holidays end. All you need are 16 hangers for each snowflake and a bag of zip-tie. You don’t even need to bust out a glue-gun for this hassle-free craft.

hanger snowflake diy

After gathering your supplies, start assembling your hangers to the shape of a snowflake. Then tie them up! You can achieve different results by using different types of cloth hangers. Just make sure the hangers of each snowflake are the same. Most significantly, you won’t even need to worry about storage space. Take it apart to use it again! Watch the video to see how to make the snowflakes:

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