Poor Stray Dog Was Made Fun of on Social Media, but the Viral Post Ends Up Saving Her Life

Street dogs are pretty common in many parts of the world. In the city of Houston alone, millions of street dogs can be found on the streets, trying their best to survive. They do not have a roof over their heads, and don’t know where their next meal is coming from, or whether there’s a next meal at all. They also get in accidents as well. A man posted a picture of a dangerously wounded dog on his social media. Despite the poor dog looking like she was in pain, he ruthlessly mocked her.

It was such a negative post, but thankfully it went viral for the right reasons. Rescuers instantly came to rescue dog that they named Pumpkin. They also found out that she had a tiny puppy with her hanging on to dear life. They were both taken to the vet for treatment. Pumpkin’s skin had chemical burns, and she even had BB gun bullets stuck in her spine. Unfortunately, the tiny puppy was too weak to survive.

Pumpkin proved to be a trooper though. She was fostered by a kind woman, and she also made friends with other dogs. All the dogs had had bad pasts, but they were in good hands now. They bonded in a short time, and their friendship helped heal Pumpkin’s heart. In only six weeks, Pumpkin looked nothing like the old mangy stray. She was a totally new god with a renewed spirit.

She won her foster mom’s heart, which actually ended up adopting her! Her life was totally turned around, thanks to the help of social media.

Check out her amazing journey below:

[ytvid id=”lT1t9_rTQl4″]

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