2-Yr-Old Asks Dad If He Loves Her – Watch Her Reaction to Dad’s Answer

In terms of brain development, the most rapid period of growth occurs in the first few years of life. By the age of two, the brain has already developed a vast number of neural connections, which allow for the processing and storage of information. At this age, children have typically developed basic language skills, and their ability to understand and communicate has improved significantly compared to earlier stages of development.

In watching this video, it appears they have also learned a few not-so-desirable traits–like maybe jealously. Not sure that’s true? Don’t worry: this video will help you paint the picture.

In the clip below, 2-year-old Kristen Burden is questioning her dad whether he loves her or not. Typically, a yes or no is sufficient for any other child, but she is not your ordinary little girl. Kristen repeatedly asks her father if she is the love of his life. Nonetheless, after tiring her daddy, she finally seems to calm down a bit with joy.

The feisty girl seems to set the bar pretty high–I’m wishing good luck now to whoever asks her out later. Watch the funny video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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