If you have ever pursued a relationship of any kind, you have come upon a whiff of jealousy or insecurities. However, a little bit of reassurance can quickly put your partner’s mind at ease. Now, let’s imagine a toddler manifesting an enormous amount of distrust in her father’s attention.

Harder than it seems, isn’t it? Don’t worry; I will help you paint the picture. In the clip below, a 2-year-old is questioning her dad whether he loves her or not. Typically, a yes or no is sufficient for any other child, but she is not your ordinary little girl. Kristen repeatedly asks her father if she is the love of his life. Nonetheless, after tiring her daddy, she finally seems to calm down a bit with joy.

The feisty girl seems to set her bars high, good luck asking her out ever. What do you think, do you love her? Remember to shower the baby with adoring words.

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