Angry 1-Yr-Old Wins Argument With Cute Comeback After Mommy Says “No”

Have you ever been in an argument where you struggle to find the words to say? This follows with moments later on where all the things you should have said hit you! Fortunately, this isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. However, for this toddler, this isn’t a problem! Although it happens to be that he doesn’t know how to talk yet.

Knowing the right words is key to winning a debate. But it isn’t the only thing that makes or breaks the discourse. Moreover, it’s trickier when the discussion is between a parent and a child. However, with the right attitude and spunk, you are bound to agree. And this 1-year-old happens to have both!

baby argues with mom

Although tiny August doesn’t have a grasp at language yet, he doesn’t shy away from arguing with his Mom. Moreover, Mom tells him that he has to stay sitting down in the car, which is a very reasonable request.

But the year-old has a few points he wants to go through first! Furthermore, when his Mom informs that it’s not good to climb on everything, he speaks his mind. He even throws in a few tongue actions to strengthen his argument! Watch the funny video below and let us know what you think of August in the Facebook comments.

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