People who work in the military for the nation are deployed for months and even years in foreign nations. During that period the officers miss out on a lot of important elements of their life. But when they do get a chance to come home, the union is truly heartwarming.

A National Guard Sergeant surprises his wife and newly born daughter in the hospital.

John Vorrath was deployed to the Middle East when his wife was pregnant. Months passed and it was her due date but John’s leave application was denied during the baby’s delivery. Hence, he didn’t get a chance to witness the birth of his child in person.

Later on, John was allowed a temporary leave to surprise his loved ones in the hospital. After 22 hours of flight, the father of two made his way to the hospital. The reunion between the family is truly satisfying to watch. John’s two-year-old sons walk in and meet his dad for the first time after deployment.

Please press play and enjoy this amazing reunion.

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