Kind Bypassers Watch Over An Old Grandpa In A Wheelchair Who Soon Gives An Unexpected Show

All sorts of pranks have been going around the internet these days, and most of them are just for harmless entertainment. For the sake of all that is funny, you just can’t NOT share it to spread a good laugh. A pair of YouTubers have been doing so many different kinds of these pranks all across the streets of Australia, and they’re carrying it out pretty good.

In this video of Richy and Mark from the royal stampede, shows us one of their hilarious pranks done on random unsuspecting people that gave out some priceless reactions. The “Dancing Grandpa” Prank as they call it, was created with the help of their friends from the Justice Crew, which just made the act even more awesome.


A man was seen on the video wheeling in a grandpa on his wheelchair, approaching people and asking for a little favor. The said man appears to require some assistance– he needs someone to look after his grandpa for a bit while he drops something off somewhere for a few minutes. Everyone seems to be cooperating and were very much willing to keep grandpa company. But with a little twist, they were about to get the shock of their lives!

Have you ever seen a grandpa breakdance before? Well, you’d better watch the video below to see for yourself.

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