Woman Breaks Down Upon Hearing Dead Mother’s Voice In A Teddy Bear

Losing a loved one is one of the biggest challenges one must face in life. It is never easy, and it can be traumatic. It is impossible to simply forget, and the absence can be felt deeply. It’s been only a few months since 55-year old Bernadette Weekes’ mother passed away. Weekes, a woman from Atlanta, Georgia was the person who primarily cared for her mother, Bernadette. The loss was very difficult to accept, and she misses her mother every day.

Patrick Harris, the son of Weekes knows exactly how much her mom is having a hard time and decided to give her a very special gift. He visited Build-A-Bear; a popular store known for customizing stuffed toys. But Harris did not go there to just get a personalized teddy bear or stuffed animal. What makes it more special is what Harris added on the teddy bear. He found an old recording where his grandmother was speaking and added it on a playback machine that was placed inside the teddy bear.

Source: Youtube

In the video, Weekes was sitting in a living room sofa while surrounded with family and Harris hands over a box with the teddy bear inside. He instructed his mother to squeeze the bear’s hand, and Weekes burst into tears as soon as she hears her mother’s voice. It says, “I love you”. Harris thought that it might be too much for his mom to handle, but thankfully, Weekes appreciates it.

While this isn’t the first time that a deceased loved one’s voice was added in a Teddy bear, Weekes’ story is just heartwarming and special. Watch the video here:

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