Fraud Local Technician Tries To Charge $700 For A Simple Vent Cleaning

Scams and Fraud are a part of our society that everyone should be well aware of. People with the intention of deception exist even in the most unsuspected situations, so it is our responsibility to be more vigilant and try our best to avoid being taken advantage of.

In this particular modus, a few local repairmen suggest homeowners avail some of their special cheap offers and additional services that appear, aren’t that cheap and will cost even more. Even if it doesn’t require any fixing, they will suggest it otherwise and in which they would do a very lousy job at it. Can you believe the audacity of these people? Charging an insane amount of money for doing nothing.

On an episode of Inside Editions “House of Shame”, They put these reckless repairmen to the ultimate test of honesty. With installed cameras all around the house, they monitor the repairmen’s every move. At first, they asked them to clean the air vents which were already cleaned and checked by the professionals they were with. The said repairmen had a $29 offer to clean the whole house ventilation, but upon “checking” the vents they said that it needs more services and asked for more money.

Watch the full video below to see how they tried to trick people into paying more money. We should always try to be fair in everything that we do, even if others are not. You owe it to yourself to have a clear conscience.

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