Dad Sings With Daughter In Backseat. Millions Fall In Love With His Perfect Vocals

Sometimes our talented parents have unfinished life goals or dreams that they would still want to pursue even up until now. These passions in life were only put aside– some of them even sadly came to pass because of family priorities and responsibilities. But this simple dad from Texas who had a hard life in the past eventually found the light through his passion for singing. With the help of his family, he decided that nothing can come between him and his love for music.

Meet, Kris Jones a hardworking average family guy that works at a moving company as a driver. He had a hard life growing up and was even convicted once but decided to turn a new leaf and concentrate on his family. Now, he earns well to make a living and is perfectly contented with his life. He visits the local karaoke bar from time to time as he loves to sing and is very much talented at it. One day, his daughter Dayla decides to film him while singing “Tennessee Whiskey” at the parking lot of Home Depot. Little did they know that it will change Kris’ life forever. The said video went viral within just 10 days with over 25 million on YouTube and Facebook combined. His dream of becoming a singer has now come true.

In this video we see the “Tennessee Whiskey Dad” as people have dubbed him, singing another lovely song with his dearest daughter seated at the back of the car. As Kris films the video he graces us with a soulful rendition of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”. With such a beautiful voice, no doubt Kris became an instant internet sensation—all thanks to her daughter’s videos.

Watch the full clip down below and enjoy Kris’ wonderful singing.

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