Parents Film Adorably Confused Toddler Meeting Twins For The First Time

Twins are often confusing especially if they are identical twins and of the same gender. You can easily interchange them and mistake a particular twin for the other one. Imagine a toddler getting to meet twins for the very first time, oh the confusion and cuteness are overloading! That’s exactly what happened to Landon, a toddler who met two cute baby girls that look exactly alike and the bewilderment on his face was clear in the most adorable way.

As seen in the video, Landon was sitting comfortably on the couch placed between twin babies in matching outfits. The baby on his left was calm and just minding her own business while the other baby on his right was crying her eyes out for some unknown reason. And Landon, in total uncertainty keeps on looking side to side as he carefully examines the babies sitting next to him.

The toddler who was apparently in shock of seeing two of the same babies at each of his sides seems in total disbelief of what he was looking at. The adults, however, seemingly the infants’ mothers, were so utterly amused by the scene and couldn’t contain their cheerful laughter at poor Landon’s disoriented state. Little Landon’s reaction was actually a typical one, for if anyone was placed in such a confusing situation, they’d also do the same thing.

Look at these adorable cuties carefully placed in a small little couch, with such a delightful sight, this video was bound to go viral! Watch the short clip below.

Aren’t these babies the cutest bunch you’ve ever seen? They’re practically angels with the same faces!

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