It Was Just Another Drive With Dad – Then They Started Singing

Every now and then, I come across a video that shows an ordinary piece of life–and then someone does something extraordinary and it becomes so special that it needs to be shared. That’s exactly what happens in this video.

Here’s a normal scene in America: Dad’s dropping his kids off for the weekend at his ex-wife’s house. That’s never an easy drive but after divorce, it’s something the family gets used to because they don’t really have a choice.

And then these two sisters start singing Adele’s “Someone Like You,” and just like that, the drive becomes extraordinary.

OK, this drive is not 100% ordinary because dad is Jewell Richins, who has risen to TikTok stardom with his daughters, KB and Karrisyn. And they have a camera mounted on their dash specifically to record the girls singing. But maybe, instead of interpreting that in a bad way, we can say, “hey, even social media stars have to deal with tough things like divorce.”

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