Daughter’s Slick Moves Show Up Dad as He Struts His Stuff in Dance Challenge

The pandemic changed our life and challenged our spirits. But we are fighting the sickness and trying our best to cope with the unusual swifts. Hence, Social media is filled with ideas to pass your time or get creative during the quarantine these days.

Even though the time may not be ideal for relaxing, nevertheless, if you strictly follow the safety protocols, you can stay safe and healthy. Like the family below, in the entertaining clip featured below. The father and daughter are enjoying “The Git Up” Challenge.

The rapper Blanco Brown introduced this fun little experiment, which pretty soon went viral. All you need is your trusty old boots and a drink in your hand. In the family’s case, Nick and his baby are holding a juice box. The duo practices their heart out and seems to have excelled in the techniques.

However, like every parent, the dad looks a little self-aware of the baby girl’s dance steps. Needless to say, she is killing the routine. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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