Emotional Dad’s Cinderella Dance With Daughters Is Bringing People to Tears

Once we have a family, don’t we come up with all sorts of activities to spend time with our loved ones. For some, it could be a newfound interest while for others a shared passion. In Russ Papparotto’s case, it was the love for dancing that bonded the family closer.

When Russ and his wife started their family, they were blessed with one daughter after another. Soon enough the girls’ followed in their father’s footsteps. Sioned and Brianna began practicing dance routines with dad. It was not long before they took up on stage. However the younger child Sophia was only six, and it was her first time taking on the stage.

Obviously, the stakes were high, the family dressed to perform for Experimental Movement Concepts Dance Concert. As the music Cinderella by  Steven Curtis Chapman cues on the speakers, we witness a lovely little girl walk onto the stage. Sophia is incredibly confident and it shows in her act no doubt about that. Russ makes his entrance a few minutes later and the father-daughter duo really make an impact.

And so on the performance comes to life one talented daughter after another. It had me reaching for tissues. Please press play and enjoy the dance routine.

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