Dog Waits for His Owner Outside Target Wearing Comedic Sign

Once you have a pet, you have to think about certain things before taking your buddy along everywhere. Take grocery shopping, for example, some doggies are cool with strangers while others may show signs of distress. Hence, the only way to make them social is with training and practice.

But if your pet appreciates as Jackson does to his dad Steve Moore, you might not have to face the social fear. Steve Moore, the inhabitant of Altoona in southwest Pennsylvania adopted the golden retriever when he was just three years old. Within a short time span, Steve was able to shower the pup with tremendous love. Furthermore, he even managed to train the canine companion.

The training was such a success that, the owner no longer needs to guard him as he shops inside the Target. In order to avoid people making any mistake, Jackson is left with a clever note hanging on his neck. Please press play and enjoy the clip to find out what’s written in the note.

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