Man Shows How He Wakes His Blind and Deaf Dog, With Sweet Video Garnering Over 59 Million Views

Due to bad breeding or various reasons, even animals suffer the loss of hearing or sight. So, when Aiden Mann brought plum to his house, everyone was quick to point looking after her won’t be a piece of cake. However, it was too late for Aiden as he had already fallen in love with Plum.

Aiden had a Staffy/Dane mix canine, Lola for almost five years now. Aiden thought it was time to adopt another member of the family. He came across Plum, she was deaf and blind from birth. It didn’t take long for Plum and Aiden to form an incredible bond.  Even Lola was aware of Plum’s special needs.

The family was perfect as Plum appreciated a human companion and a friend to run around. Because of Plum’s disabilities, people began asking a lot of questions about taking care of Plum. Hence, Aiden came up with a brilliant idea to document their life together. The video of Aiden waking up Plum with a soft blow is garnering millions of views.

Please press play and enjoy the loving bond of the family.

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