This poor humming bird was freezing, but watch this kind man

Pat loves hummingbirds. He has even set up some feeders around his house to help them out. In February of 2011, Sedona, Arizona had an extremely rough winter. When the weather was freezing, Pat thought of a brilliant plan to help keep the birds warm. It was so cold that their feeders would freeze. So one day, he decided to put a feeder on a heating pad.

When he looked out the window, he found two hummingbirds, who he named Rocky and Adrian, sitting on the heating pad to warm up while they ate. Pat says when he saw this scene, his heart sang. One time he used a hair dryer on a feeder to speed up the defrosting process. Rocky even came right up to drink from the feeder while Pat was warming it up!

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[ytvid id=”ZgNzP0PQpjY”]

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