They Gathered on Stage for a Soprano but Pay Attention to the Screen Above

I am pretty sure that you have witnessed a Soprano’s concert. The melodic and impressive vocal variation is sure to captivate the audience. So much so, you can hear the pain and pleasure of the story.

During a similar concert, the British conductor, Rainer Hersch, did mischievously hilarious things. Critically acclaimed for his comical take on classical music. He strikes again during a live concert. The genius who has toured more than 30 countries enjoys making the audiences laugh with his hilarious jokes.

This time, he decided to translate Soprano’s lyrics but in a funny way. The audiences can see a big tv prompt that displays the translation. From the very beginning, the crowd let out a roar of laughter. And with each new paragraph, the cheers grow louder. Unknown to this practical joke, the Soprano goes on being the magnificent self. Only to find out that at the very end of her performance.

Such a refreshing video. The audiences got more than they bargained for. A spectacular concert with an incredible voice. With that, a comedic relief too. I hope you like this exciting presentation of comedy with classical music. Please share your thoughts on the feed.

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