6 Cops Were Standing in Line When This Goofy Fellow Decides to Do a Horn Prank

Seeing the cops in the neighbourhood and news, we always have an uptight impression reserved for them. And it’s definitely not every day when you get to see policemen goofing around with their fellow mates. But this rare instances definitely lighten up your mood.

In the clip below, a cop pulls out a prank with his colleagues. He makes them stand facing back in a line. In a moment, he presses his horn, and out comes the sound from a train. Some of them laugh it off, while a few even draw their gun.

One cop, in particular, was so excited with the break he asks the driver to honk one more time. He sounds excited to a kid having a new discovery: “Do that again!!!“

Due to some immoral policemen in a precinct, the whole force is getting a bad name. Hence, more videos like this need to surface on the internet. Please share your reaction in the feed.

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