She Hears Her Voice for the First Time – I Can Feel Her Emotions

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. With every functional part of my body, I never worried if my body’s inability could set me behind. But it’s videos like this that remind me what others are missing. And it’s the moment like this that motivates me to do something to help them.

The footage is a compilation of people hearing for the first time. It’s bigger than any accomplishment. If all your life, you saw the lips move but never heard a single one. And one day out of the blue, you learn how your mother sounds.

Every footage speaks a story. And it’s teary to even fathom their daily life. Cochlear Implants are one of the most meaningful innovations in human achievement.

This particular point is emotional enough to make anyone wail up. Please watch the clip to relive their moment through your eyes. And never take anything for granted. Please share your remarks.

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