Miami Cops Stop Dancers in Mall but Did Their Own Rendition

Police officers the employee of law who protects and serve the general public. They always maintain an aura of sophistication around them. Officers are approachable when in need, but at the same time, they might look terrifying. The ready to fight the crime nature could be one of the reasons.

However, they are human beings, and liveliness is implanted in their DNA as well. In the video below, Miami policeman reveals us a little show of merrymaking. The video starts with the cops stopping a flash mob, but little did the dancers know they were in for a treat. The officers then join the entertaining performance and end up surprising mall-goers.

Miami Cops Stop Dancers in Mall, Then Break It Down 0-30 screenshot (1)

Less force more dance; this is how we know the policemen are the trusted members of our community. What do you feel? Share your perception in the comment section below.

Please share this video as a reminder to friends and family peace officers like them are still around to defend us well as amuse us.