Son Starts Dancing With Mom. Her Moves Are So Good, You’d Never Know She Has A Handicap

Dance is an art consisting of symbolic and aesthetic value performed with sequences of movement. As a result, we feel energetic, confident, and maybe lose a few pounds.

Do we need to hear the rhythm to break a move? The simple answer is NO. Youtuber Mark Villaver posted a video with his deaf mom a while ago. The clip starts with a simple introduction of them and transitions into an impressive execution of the artwork. Halfway into the video, Mark leaves the stage for his mother to explore. Emilia, his mother then, astonishes us with her ability to rock the dancefloor.

Deaf Mom dancing with Son to Usher 0-32 screenshot

Have you ever shaken a leg in front of a camera or your family members? If so, please share the experiences with us in the comment section below.

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