Talented Cop Shows Off Impressive Vocal Talent With Squad Car Lionel Richie Performance

When you think of law enforcers, you probably think of strict and severe people. You usually only see them during emergencies when they have their A-game on. So, it’s no surprise if you think about police officers in that way! But you have to remember that they are individuals with their own talents. And this officer takes the cake in that department!

Phil Paz is an officer with the Oklahoma City police. However, this Master Sergeant is more than just his job! The veteran is also an actor and singer. Moreover, Phil often records himself showing off his talent during his downtime. And this usually happens to be when he is cruising in his police car. And this man can sing for sure!

phil paz singing

Wearing his uniform and blue-tinted shades, the officer puts on an instrumental in the background. Then, he starts singing “Easy” by Lionel Ritchie. Moreover, he is so good that it’s difficult to distinguish him from the original artist. Furthermore, he even manages to reach the high notes with his soulful yet raspy voice. And let’s not forget that he is driving all this while! Watch the talented cop below:

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