Conor McGregor Attacked Old Man At A Bar After Refusing His Drink

A video of MMA fighter Conor McGregor has recently resurfaced, proving that McGregor and scandals are more or less best friends. In the video, McGregor can be seen approaching an old man sitting at the bar of a pub in Dublin called Marble Arch and then punching the poor elder in the face. The video only circulated recently, but it was revealed that it happened in April. In the video, McGregor can be seen going around the pub with a round of drinks. People at the bar seem to be thrilled with what McGregor is doing, however, one particular man refused the drink, looking like he didn’t want to join in the fun.

The old man politely declined the drink while McGregor insisted a few times, which is perhaps why this incident has happened. McGregor doesn’t take no for an answer. He got offended with the refusal and throw his left hand at the face of the old man before his entourage can stop him.

One of the friends of the alleged victim, a 50-year old man from Dublin said that he was only minding his business when McGregor approached him. He also mentioned that the victim was not able to get out of their house for a week because his face was very sore and was shaken with the whole incident.

Some people say that there must be something else that happened at the bar for McGregor to react that way. It is difficult to fully know because the 10-second video does not reveal everything. The Director of Public Prosecutions in Dublin told the Daily Mail that McGregor will be charged over the assault and he will be summoned by the middle of October.

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