Man Experiences Up-close And Personal Experience With A Wild Sea Creature

Personal experiences outdoors with nature can be a great experience. And a couple of beachgoers in Cadboro Bay beach in Victoria, British Columbia were lucky to experience it up-close and personal. The beachgoers noticed a fascinating scene in the water and began filming. They saw a sea creature swimming towards the shore, and it was a sea otter! “That is super random. Have you ever seen one?”, the woman taking the video comments.

While the other people observe from the beach, one man was standing in the water that caught the sea otter’s attention. No one expected what happened next! The otter just swam straight towards the man standing in the shallow water and the cutest thing happened. It began swimming around the man and affectionately pushes its nose towards the man’s leg as if playing. In return, the man tried to pet it with his hand. The other beachgoers were delighted by the scene before them.

As the person holding the camera moves closer for a better view, a woman asks the man if the otter was biting him, in which the otter responded as if it understood, surprising the man with a gentle bite. Luckily, it was not too serious. Sadly, the fun must end and the otter decided to swim away. But this is something that we don’t see every day, this is exactly why the beachgoers were in awe.

Otters are known to be social creatures. Otter world described the social structure of otters as something that looks complicated, although, it is really not unusual to see these mammals playing with each other. The video was uploaded on Youtube and had since been viewed more than four million times already. Some of the top comments say that the “man has been blessed” and must now leave with the otter folk. You can watch the video here.

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