It’s infuriating to see the person you love being hurt. Moreover, when it happens in front of you, you can’t help but feel that rage boiling over you. And for this man, a bully harassing his wife pushed him over the edge!

It was a bright and sunny day when this man and his wife were enjoying each other’s company. They were outdoors walking in a restaurant when a stranger starts pestering them. Moreover, he does not stop harassing the woman in the blue dress. So, her angry husband steps in to sort out the issue.

wife bully

The man in the red cap starts confronting the bully. The giant bully is all beefed up and very aggressive. As the man continues shouting back at him, the wife tries telling him to leave.

She even goes as far as to tell her husband that it’s not worth it. But when the man says something offensive and points at him, he cannot control it any longer and smashes a bottle in his head. And what happens next is unbelievable. Watch the short clip to find out what happens:

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