Phone Scammer Calls And Threatens Police Captain, Gets Pranked Instead

All of us have received our fair share of scam calls threatening us of police charges and whatnot. While some of us immediately hang up, some get intimidated by the scammers. Statistics say that 1 in every 6 Americans loses money to such fraudsters. However, sometimes it is the scam callers who are at the losing end and the result is hilarious!

Captain Ann Stephens from the Apex Police Department, USA receives such a call from ‘Officer John Black’ and ‘Officer Brown’ (such creatively color-coordinated names!). The scammers accuse her of a $10 million fraud and threaten her to share her social security number and address. Subsequently, Stephens controls her laughter and refuses to share her private information.

Throughout the video, Stephens’ only aim is to keep them online as her coworker records the call. She outwits the callers by saying, “If you have my file on me, you should know my address”. Eventually, she goes ahead and shares the street address… to the police station! Watch the video below and share some laughs with this sharp-witted police captain. Her reactions will leave you in splits!

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