Tiniest Baby Chameleon Changes Color When He’s Asleep

We all have our moment of shine; some sprung faster while others take time. Let’s take this baby-veiled chameleon, for instance. Now, it’s hasn’t been long before this baby hatched along with other siblings.

For chameleons, it takes a lot of time to develop and perfect their skills. But there is always an exception similar to this little fellow. After a good nap, the tired buddy looks ready to go back in. However, he has something else planned. Initially, the baby starts small, giving a peek into his skills.

However, it doesn’t take long for him to perfect what he is doing. In a matter of seconds, the baby-veiled chameleon not only changes colors, but new patterns emerge in his body. But that’s not all; just the other day, he tried to escape his enclosure. The little buddy is undoubtedly ahead of his time.

Please press play and enjoy one of the adorable color-changing sessions.

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