Cat Meows This Cockatoo but See the Cat’s Reaction When He Responds

Pets are human’s best friends. They show humans their love, loyalty, honesty, kindness, and care. Many humans wish if their pets can also speak with them. So, they can share their emotions and stories with their pets. The below video features a Cockatoo, who can do Meow.

Most probably, we ignore the fact that Cockatoo can Meow. But, this bird Meow confidently, leaving the three cats awe. The cats were so amused, they continuously watched the bird do Meow. Those cats might be wondering ‘Meow’ is their word, how can a bird steal it. However, this birdie is so exceptional, as cats were scared to move towards it. You cannot distinguish whether it is a normal cat or a bird.

This hilarious video will put the smile on your face. It is more hysterical to see the cats were stunned by the bird’s unique quality.

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