Panicked Mom Brought Her Child Into the Supermarket. But This Man’s Selfless Act Saved Her Life.

A mom loves her children more than anything in the world. Even a small scratch on their face can make her world go upside down. But this mom faced something wish no one may ever have to face in their life.

The footage shows a panicked mom enter into a mart with her baby on her arms. The baby was on the verge of death. Worried mom, begs the bystanders to help.

Confused shoppers tried every possible way to assist the poor baby. Leaving her child on the counter, the woman quickly rushed to call her husband. But, seeing his baby in such state, this father could do nothing but pray. All of a sudden, a stranger steps in. He tries every single method to diagnose the cause. And finally he succeeds. After 90 seconds, the little girl opened her eyes.

His simple but life-changing move saved the little one’s life. He surely is our hero! Watch the full video here:

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