3-year-old Puts Her Own Spin On Classic Easter Hymn, Now It’s Taking The Internet By Storm

The internet is full of surprises. You can never tell what you might come across online at any given time. It has given people a great platform to share their feelings, interest and even talent online. This is good, as many talented people are now being discovered through the internet—even pop star Justin Beiber was discovered through YouTube! The following video also shows a rising star, and she is definitely worth watching.

Meet Claire Ryann. The three year old girl your average little tot. Even though she is quite young, she is really talented and has already become one of internet’s favorite kids. She has won millions of hearts through her incredible singing abilities. We first came to know Claire through her performance of the Little Mermaid song with her father, “Part of Your World”, which went viral on the internet.

She has been uploading videos online regularly, and this video is special too. She is back again with her incredible voice. In the video below, we see her performing “Gethsemane”, her recent favorite Easter song. It was Claire’s grandmother who introduced her to this song and it has become one of her favorite songs. While her pronunciation might still sound a little childish, that really adds to her charm, don’t you think?

She might have a long way to go, but you can definitely hear the passion she has for singing in her voice. Let’s hope she continues with her singing in the future as well!

Check out this amazing video below:

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