9-year-old Dyslexic Boy Starts Solving the Rubik’s Cubes to Make a Pattern on the Floor. Wait Till You See the End Result!

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that many people don’t understand. This disorder can affect every part of a person’s life. Reading and writing are especially hard. The struggle to spell and processing language can be a real challenge.

The effects Dyslexia has in a person is a plight that 9-year-old Benjamin knows all too well. He even shares how he gets frustrated and upset because he mixes up his words. However, he does not want to be defined by only his condition. He has certain powers that come from being dyslexic. And one of them includes the Rubik’s cube.

cube boy

He then brings a big box filled with the puzzle cube and starts solving it. But wait- he only solves it halfway and puts it on the floor. Slowly, we can a pattern emerging from all the Rubik’s cube he has lined up, and it is incredible. You can see that it is a person he looks up to very much! His artistic ability is so unique, and he thanks his “disorder” for actually being a superpower. We are glad that people finally understand that people like Benji can be intelligent. Watch the video below:

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