Dog Spends 12 Hours Every Day At Train Station – Emotional

It’s no secret that dogs are the most loyal beings in the world. They are totally devoted to their owners to an almost unreal level. This story is about one extremely loyal dog that is stealing the hearts of people from all over the world.

This beautiful golden dog is named Xiongxiong, which means ‘bear’ in Chinese. Xiongxiong is 15 years old, and has been with his owner Mr. Chen for 8 years. When Mr. Chen leaves home early in the morning, the loyal pooch follows him to the train station and stays there for around 12 hours until he comes back! One resident said that “His eyes were always looking towards the side of the station. Even if it’s raining he’s still there”.


Passersby always notice the pooch in his spot. However, he isn’t interested in them much and doesn’t take any food from strangers. As soon as Mr. Chen comes from his train, the dog eagerly greets him back home. “He is always happy when he sees me, which makes me very happy too. Xiongxiong always makes me less tired from work” Mr. Chen said.

People started to compare this story to that of the famously loyal dog Hachiko, who patiently waited for his owner at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station every day, even after his owner’s death.

Check out their adorable video below:

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