Circus Lions Spend Eight Years in Cages, Get Freed and Feel Grass for the First Time

Did you know a circus animal spends 96% of its lifetime in chains and cages? Besides the use of whips, bullhooks, muzzles, etc. it is routine in the theatre of cruelty.

However, the clip below is more of a cheerful story with a happier ending. Taniya and Tarzan, two circus lions, were born in captivity in Guatemala. Therefore, they were performing in circuses for eight years. Nevertheless, their fate was about to change when an animal sanctuary came to aid.

After that, the wild creatures were in the temporary sanctuary in South America and nine other lions. A veterinarian came to the short-term shelter for a scheduled check-up. Finally, the animals landed in South Africa, their forever peaceful home.

Next time you buy a ticket to the circus, keep this story in mind. Please share your thoughts on this matter.

Please share this praiseworthy act with your friends and family. Animal cruelty needs to stop.