Pregnant Mom Unexpectedly Goes Into Labor – Her 10-year-old Son Delivers the Baby

Did you know an average of 250 babies is born every minute of the day? And a sum of 130 million in a year. However, the experience of giving birth is easier for some than others.

The clip below is one of the miracle stories. Ashley, the eight months pregnant woman, came to a startling discovery when her water broke. In addition to that, the newborn’s feet were sticking out of her. After that, she called her 10-year old son Jaden, and he quickly sprung into action.

Boy delivers baby brother, saves mother's life 1-52 screenshot

The boy was clam through the process and successfully deliver his sibling. On the other hand, the neonate was not breathing. Therefore, he rushed to the kitchen to locate a nasal aspirator and started using it. Luckily, the paramedics were on the doorstep just in time.

The whole ordeal sounds very overwhelming, and it has a happy ending. Please send the family prayers and love in the comment section.

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