Emotional Man is Worried Dog Won’t Remember Him When They’re Reunited After 7 Months Apart

If you ever had a pet, you are well aware they fear certain things like us. For instance, dogs get scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. Besides, pets tend to runs away on such horrific encounters.

The video is a similar story of Dora, who sprinted from her home in July 2012. The creature was startled by noises from next-door neighbors. After that, the owner started panicking when she didn’t come back. Therefore, they put up ads and never gave up the search.

Eventually, after seven months, the family received a call from an animal shelter. The authorities scanned Dora’s microchip, which led to the discovery of her home in Texas. The keeper arrived at the shelter home, nervous and happy. After first, she seems hesitant when her old friend crouched near her. Nevertheless, the fury companion recognized her master.

Please make sure your pet is safe during the holidays. Lets us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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