Entire Neighborhood Put a Chair on Their Front Lawn. Wait Till You Find Out the Heartwarming Reason

Helping the elderly’s in our neighborhood is our prime duty. Older adults are fragile and respected citizens of our society, and we should do everything we can to help them. Therefore, the people of the area also decide to help a man named Charlie in a humbling way.

This particular neighborhood in the video looks strange afar. Why do you ask? Well, it’s because each house has a single chair in their front yard—the reason why it is the most heartwarming thing. An older man named Charlies goes for a morning walk every day with his dogs and cat. But because he recently got diagnosed with an illness, it became challenging to follow his daily routine. Since he was facing difficulties in walking, the people in the surrounding area decided to do something extraordinary for him. So, they give him a resting place in front of their house in case he gets tired. Isn’t that the kindest thing ever?

Now nothing will trouble him from taking his walks. Charlie always has done so much for the neighborhood, and placing chairs is the least they could do to help him out. They even brought him meals and checked up on him from time to time. Charlie cannot believe the amazing people he has in his area. Their love for him gives him the strength to fight his illness. ‘Chairs for Charlie’ is a reminder for all of us to be more kind and respectful towards our elderly’s. Watch this video down below:

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