Mischievous Doggo Pokes Dad to Hold His Hand, Only to Trick Him in the Most Hilarious Way

Dogs have been living and working with humans for a long time now. Because of that, they have developed many non-verbal ways of communicating with humans. They might use their eyes to express, or use their paws to get a message. It’s almost as though they’ve learned how to use paws for things other than walking by looking at their human friends. For instance, just take a look at the following video.

Dogs are not that different from little kids. They might not be able to speak, but they let their thoughts known in their own way. They learn to “speak’ with us to let us know if they are hungry, playful or need to go for a walk. Kids tend to tug and poke their parents to get their attention. And dogs do something pretty similar at times. The pooch in the following video, however, was almost messing with his dad in the funniest way.

This German Shepherd is doing all sorts of antics with his paws. This German Shepherd, named Brinks, decided to play a game with his dad. The pup poked his dad to hold hands, but right after that, his next move left his poor owner feeling a little bamboozled. Their little back and forth is just hilarious to watch. Pet owners can relate to this pretty well—sometimes it’s just hot and cold! Check out the full video below:

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