Young Busker Draws Crowd in Street, Everyone’s Jaws Drop When She Starts to Sing “Hallelujah”

There are lots of talented street performers hoping to get recognition someday. And ‘Dublin’s Grafton Street’ helps young musicians find a place to play and showcase their talent to the people. Every once in a while, we discover a gem of a musician. And this time it is Allie Sherlock who sings a Christian hymn in the middle of the crowd.

The 12 yr old exceptional got instant fame with her singing talent. She appears on ‘The Ellen Show’ to remind the world about her incredible singing skills. Can you believe she has even signed a 5-year record deal? Amazing! The minute you hear her angelic voice, you know she is will reach the heights of stardom. You can’t get enough of her cover videos. The minute she starts singing “Hallelujah,” she will take you to breathe away. Her soulful vibrancy to the song will make you shake your head in utter disbelief.

She manages to sing a beautiful song in front of a huge crowd. Her courage is beyond commendable. She already sings like a professional. All the passersby’s instantly froze as soon as they heard her voice. Once you hear her magical voice, you will be on the edge. This tear-jerking performance is a must-watch! Watch this video down below: 

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