Chilling Version of ‘Amazing Grace’ Like You’ve Never Heard Before

“Amazing Grace” is one of the best known hymns to date. The song has been called the most popular Christian hymn of all time, followed by “How Great Thou Art”. The song was written back in 1779 by John Newton. Over the years, the song has been covered by hundreds of artists. Each rendition is special and unique in its own way. Many notable artists, including Celtic Woman and Chris Tomlin have performed it, and the following rendition by Celtic Thunder is also worth a watch.

Celtic Thunder is a singing group from Ireland. They are known for their theatrical and breathtaking performances. The group has released 12 albums since they got together back in 2007. Over the years, the lineup of the group has changed a lot. Though the members keep changing, the concept of the band is still the same. Their performances bring together symbols of ancient Celtic mythology. They are also known for singing great gospel songs and hymns, and this one is no exception.

This video shows Celtic Thunder performing their spin on “Amazing Grace”. The manner in which each individual voice compliments each other and fuses to create a mesmerizing unison is stunning. This group had been named among the top world artist by Billboard. With voices like that, it’s no wonder they got called such! This performance too is out of this world!

There are so many covers of “Amazing Grace” out there, but this one is hands down one of the most memorable from them all! No wonder millions of people still love it so much! Check out their amazing performance below:

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