Soldier Steps Up to Take Girl Who Lost Her Military Dad to Father-Daughter Dance

It is hard losing a parent and almost unimaginable for a small child. Here’s a girl had to bear that loss after her father was killed in a military accident while serving the country, and a man who did his best to make things a little bit better.

First Sergeant Joseph Bierbrodt of the Illinois Army National Guard had never met 5-year-old Cayleigh Hinton before the night of the dance.  He responded to a request the girl’s mother made to the Guard in Chicago. Our Lady of Humility School was having its annual Daddy-Daughter Dance and Cayleigh needed a date. Bierbrodt stepped up immediately–and so did the entire guard unit.

Bierbrodt and his unit arranged a limo, honor guard and all the trimmings to take little Cayleigh to the dance in style. While the First Sergeant admits he wasn’t much of a dancer, Cayleigh had practiced and the two shone on the floor!

This is simply heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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