Cat Thought Babysitter Was Hurting That Kid, Immediately Runs To His Rescue

The “rivalry” between dog and cat lovers is an age-old affair. Most people tend to compare the two species for no reason at all. Many people believe that dogs are more caring and compassionate in comparison to their feline buddies. When it comes to their loved ones, dogs are always portrayed as being relatively more protective. And most people think this is not the case with cats.

Many people believe that cats are not affectionate towards their owners, but it couldn’t be more wrong. The adorable cat in the video below proves that cats can be as loving as their canine pals. Wait till you see this for yourself! What this tiny cat did to protect his beloved human has taken the internet completely by storm. This camera footage shows the cat protecting a human child with everything he’s got, and it is the sweetest thing ever.

The little boy and his sitter were playing ball when a minor mishap caused a glass to break. The kid got startled and this didn’t sit well with his cat. When the kitty heard the commotion, he came running into the room to assess the situation. It was a misunderstanding, but how the cat reacts and tries to defend his little human from the obviously misinterpreted harm is wonderful to say the least!

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