Toddlers aren’t just cute little humans; they’re an absolute joy! Moreover, they already know how to walk and talk at this age. So, it’s no surprise when they start forming their own opinions. However, they’re at an age where they don’t take no for an answer! And when little Josie hears her grandma say a bad word, she refuses to talk to her!

It’s usually adults who tell children when they are doing something wrong. Maybe they’re using a word that they’re not supposed to or being generally disrespectful. But sometimes it can happen the other way round. And for times like that, we have kids like Josie. Moreover, Josie is a diva in training. And if it weren’t for the camera, you’d think she was the adult here.

josie refuses to talk

Josie begins by stating that she won’t be talking anymore because she’s distraught. With a little clarification, we find the sassy toddler won’t be talking to Mimi. And it’s because she said a bad word. Now that’s some serious accusation! Josie goes on to say that her grandma said, “poop.” But even when they tell her it’s not a bad word, the toddler goes on about how it’s not funny! Furthermore, she’s so upset that she just wants to go home and take a rest. Watch the hilarious video below:

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