Cat Is Obsessed With Snow, So His Family Brings It Inside For Him Every Time It Snows

animalCats are usually considered cold-hearted and unaffectionate. However, with all the cat videos on the internet, we know it’s all just a myth. And Dib, the cat, is the perfect proof.

Dib was an ordinary stray cat before his parents took him in. And as soon as he moved in, they found out that Dib was fond of snow. They would let him out every time it snowed, and he would spend hours and hours playing alone.

cat plays snow indoors

But unfortunately, for his safety, Dib became a full-time indoor cat. So, he could no longer go out and play with the snow. But, his parents wanted Dib to have as much fun indoors as he would have outdoors.

Therefore, if the feline couldn’t go out and play in the snow, they thought the storm should come to him. So, his dad brought a large shovel of snow inside the house. And when Dib saw it, he was over the moon. And the happy little kitty was back to his form playing with the snow.

WATCH the adorable cat happily playing with his pile of snow.

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