Heartbroken Dog Found Riding a Bus All Alone Needs a Forever Home After Nobody Came to Look for Her

We’ve often noticed people being lonely and traveling all alone. Some would even cry on their way. But something very unusual happened in West Yorkshire. There was a lonely passenger riding the 620 First Bus. And it wasn’t a human being.

A lonely and abandoned Staffie0-mix stopped the bus in Bierely station. She got on the bus sat in an empty seat. She looked sad and heartbroken and was sniffing around with tears in her eyes. According to the passengers, she was looking around the bus with her sad puppy eyes as if trying to reach out to people.

sad dog travels alone

The bus staff then took the little pooch to Cliffe Kennels. There, they looked after the sad little pup and gave her the name “Olive”. Gemma Burton, who was riding the bus that day posted a picture of Olive on her social media in hopes that she’s meet her owners. But unfortunately, even after a few days, no one came forward to claim the dog.

However, Gemma’s post got lots of hits online. Thousands of people shared Olive’s story and a lot of people from all over the world showed their support.

sad dog travels alone
Source: Gemma Louise Burton

In fact, there were a few people who were interested in adopting the adorable dog. And according to Cliff Kennels’ owner Denise Ball, Olive is soon starting a new life with new owners. And soon, she’ll move from the shelter to her new home.

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