Dancer Bride Shocks Husband With Her Moves

A wedding day is one of the most important days for two people in love. And they go to any extent trying to make it perfect. But one thing we’ve seen that often comes as a surprise in many weddings is the dancing part. It is when most people try to outshine their spouses and give them a surprise of a lifetime.

And for Club Mob dancer Jemma, it was an opportunity to show everyone why she loves dancing. She was getting married to the love of her life. And it was her responsibility to make her newly married husband feel appreciated. So, she decided to put together an epic dance routine along with her dancer friends.

best first dance routine

First, the newly married couple took the stage and had their first dance. The two sway away, looking the happiest they ever looked. But while it was still going on, the host cuts their performance short. And she tells the groom to take a seat and let Jemma do what she does best.

Thus, the beautiful brides take center stage in her wedding gown and proceed to dance. Her dancer friends also accompany her and leave the crowd cheering and her husband in absolute shock.

WATCH how Jemma sets fire to the stage at her wedding.

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