Johnny Carson’s Carnac Famously Blows It When He Doesn’t Have Answers!

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson had many, many comic acts and skits on his show but one of the favorites was “Carnac the Magnificent,” in which Johnny played an “all-seeing swami” who could give the answers to questions that were sealed in an envelope.

First, Carnac would announce the answer and then he would open the “hermetically sealed” envelope and read the question. The result was always funny when the audience matched the question with his answer.

This skit from January 1986 starts out funnier than most because there’s obviously a glitch in the production–someone forgot to give Johnny the answers he’s supposed to use!

After a commercial break, Johnny has the answers and the skit continues. Watching Johnny and Ed McMahon walk through the questions is enough to make you laugh until you cry.  Please enjoy this walk through the comedy of yesterday.

Such fun. Watch the full video below!

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